Adults: Training courses

  • Lifesaving courses include:
    • Bronze Medallion and Surf Rescue Certificate (SRC): which provides skills needed to set up and patrol the beach and water. These qualifications are also required to take part in Surf Lifesaving competitions.
    • Advanced Resuscitation Technique Certificate (ARTC), Senior First Aid Certificate, Spinal Management Certificate build on the basic first aid and resuscitation skill learned in the Bronze and SRC.
    • Inflatable Rescue Craft (IRB) Driver and Crew certificates provide training to operate club IRB's which are critical to patrol operations. IRB drivers can go on to complete a Rescue Water Craft (ie jetski) driver's certificate.

Silver Medallion - Basic Beach Management which provides skills to help lead a patrol as a Patrol Captain

  • First Aid
  • Refresher (Senior) First Aid
  • Applied (Senior) First Aid (formally Senior First Aid)
  • Basic Resuscitation
  • Resuscitation (CPR) Certificate
  • CPR Refresher
  • Basic Emergency Care
  • Advanced Resuscitation Techniques Certificate (ARTC)
  • Spinal Management
  • Pain Management
  • Silver Medallion - Advanced First Aid


  • Surf Survival
  • Surf Rescue Certificate
  • Bronze Medallion / Certificate II Public Safety Aquatic Rescue
  • Gold Medallion (Advanced Lifesaving)
  • IRB Crew Silver Medallion
  • IRB Driver
  • RWC Operator Certificate
  • ATV Operator Certificate
  • Basic Beach Management
  • Radio Operators
  • Training Officers Certificate (TAADEL301A)
  • Assessors Certificate (TAAASS301B)


  • Age Manager
  • Level 1 Surf Official
  • Level 1 Surf Coach
  • Junior Surf Coach